• Stockwell Skatepark

    Stockwell Skatepark

    aka 'Brixton Bowls' or 'Brixton Beach'
    Address: London SW9 0XZ, UK
    Open 24 hours

  • Wheelscape Skateparks

    Wheelscape Skateparks

    Address: Easton Business Centre, Unit 46, Easton BS5 0HE, United Kingdom
    Hours: 9AM–5PM

  • Rampworx Skatepark

    Rampworx Skatepark

    biggest indoor skatepark in the UK
    Address: 1-3 Leckwith Rd, Bootle L30 6UE, UK
    Hours: 4–10PM

  • Override Indoor Skatepark

    Override Indoor Skatepark

    Address: Unit 8a, Shaftsbury avenue Shaftesbury Ave, South Shields, Jarrow NE32 3UP, United Kingdom
    Hours: 10AM–8PM

  • Unit3sixty Indoor Skatepark

    Unit3sixty Indoor Skatepark

    Address: Block F, Units 5+6, The Stourbridge Estate, Mill Race Lane, Stourbridge DY8 1JN, United Kingdom
    Hours: 12–10PM

  • ROM Skatepark

    ROM Skatepark

    awarded Grade II listing
    Address: Upper Rainham Rd, Hornchurch RM12 4ES, UK
    Hours: 10AM–6PM

  • Southbank Skatepark

    Southbank Skatepark

    Unofficial skateboarding venue
    Address: Lambeth, London SE1 8XZ, UK
    Hours: Open 24 hours

Interesting Skateboarding Facts
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Skateboarding is extremely interesting sport, which hides a lot of interesting facts as well. Here are some of the facts.

Did you know that...

... California is the origin place of the skateboarding culture? It is created to resemble surfing on the waves when they are too weak for surfing. It was called sidewalk surfing.

... the first skateboard was more like scooter and dates from early 1900’s?

... 1959 was the year of the first commercially manufactured skateboard called the Roller Derby Skateboard which had wheels made of clay?

... Norway between 1978 and 1989 banned the ownership, use, and sale of skateboards because of the increased number of injuries caused by riding a skateboard? In addition, Norwegian skateboarding fans and performers constructed ramps in remote areas and forests to avoid the confrontation with the government and its law on skateboards.

... polyurethane wheel technology was introduced in the production of skateboards in the early 1970's by Frank Nasworthy?

... Road Rider launched the first precision bearing wheels, which caused the years of loose ball bearings to end finally?

... Florida built the first outdoor skate park in 1976? From that point onwards skateboarding became more vertical than horizontal sport.

... the first successful line of skates with graphics on them was marketed by Jim Muir and Wes Humpston? The skateboards were marketed under the brand name of Dogtown. After this, almost all manufacturers started making boards with graphics.

... The United States Marine Corps did experiments with the use of off-the-shelf skateboards in the late 1990’s which were used in urban combat military maneuver exercises in order to detect sniper fire and tripwires?

... California has the largest number of skateboarders in the world?

... before ramps were introduced in the sport, skateboarders used to practice in empty swimming pools and ditches? The building of ramps eventually leads to the development of other stunts which are today crucial in skateboarding, such as the half-pipe.

... many professional skateboarders participated in golf fundraising tournaments in order to raise funds for building skate parks?

... the skateboarding was never a sport which is strictly only for men? The first female in skateboarding was Patti McGee.

... wrists are the parts of the body which are most exposed in skateboarding, which makes them extremely easy to injure during the stunts and tricks? Be careful!

... there are more than 80,000 people every year to visit a doctor after being injured in skateboarding activities? Only 40% of the people who skate regularly wear the right protective gear.

... the skateboarding is actually beneficial for your health? It helps to improve the balance and flexibility, as well as concentration and eye/hand coordination. Besides, it also helps to tone up muscles and to strengthen the heart.

... the earliest recorded age to make an attempt in skateboarding is 2, while the oldest person who learned how to skate was 67 years old? The average age of skateboarders today is 12.

... students now prefer to use a skateboard as the means of transportation around their campuses, which was introduced not because of the lack of activities, but because of increasing cost of gas?

... a skateboard deck is made from seven-piece plywood maple which can never be recognized by the naked eye?

... the skateboarding is crucial for the economy? In 2009, for example, it was estimated that the worth of skateboarding market was around $4.8 billion.

... the skateboarding is the 6th most popular sport in the world concerning the number of total participants?

... Tony Hawk made a deal with Kohl’s to sell his line of shoes under the condition they never cost over $40 so that everyone can afford them?