• Stockwell Skatepark

    Stockwell Skatepark

    aka 'Brixton Bowls' or 'Brixton Beach'
    Address: London SW9 0XZ, UK
    Open 24 hours

  • Wheelscape Skateparks

    Wheelscape Skateparks

    Address: Easton Business Centre, Unit 46, Easton BS5 0HE, United Kingdom
    Hours: 9AM–5PM

  • Rampworx Skatepark

    Rampworx Skatepark

    biggest indoor skatepark in the UK
    Address: 1-3 Leckwith Rd, Bootle L30 6UE, UK
    Hours: 4–10PM

  • Override Indoor Skatepark

    Override Indoor Skatepark

    Address: Unit 8a, Shaftsbury avenue Shaftesbury Ave, South Shields, Jarrow NE32 3UP, United Kingdom
    Hours: 10AM–8PM

  • Unit3sixty Indoor Skatepark

    Unit3sixty Indoor Skatepark

    Address: Block F, Units 5+6, The Stourbridge Estate, Mill Race Lane, Stourbridge DY8 1JN, United Kingdom
    Hours: 12–10PM

  • ROM Skatepark

    ROM Skatepark

    awarded Grade II listing
    Address: Upper Rainham Rd, Hornchurch RM12 4ES, UK
    Hours: 10AM–6PM

  • Southbank Skatepark

    Southbank Skatepark

    Unofficial skateboarding venue
    Address: Lambeth, London SE1 8XZ, UK
    Hours: Open 24 hours

Skateboard Brands
Skateboard Brands

Appearance is very important factor in skateboarding and skaters are always glad to take care of their looks and the shape of their decks. Therefore, we will present ten favorite brands that skaters love and buy.


This company was founded by Jim Greco in 2014, and since then they are trying to bring the skateboard manufacturing back to the USA. They believe that good skateboards cannot be produced in China, and they are determined to use traditional silk screen ink transfer and hand crafted skateboards for better results.

As a result, the company produces amazing skateboards with punk style illustrations and vividly coloured photography. They follow the unique path in the productions, offering outstanding and brave pieces to the skaters around the world.


Habitat is the company established by Joe Castrucci in 2000, which proved its reputation after the downfall of its parent company which owned Alien Workshop. Despite its rough time, the company managed to stay on top of the situation and continue the production of awesome and colourful pieces, widely popular among the skater population.

The company produces skateboards and all the necessary equipment and skaters´ accessories of high quality, at affordable prices. Habitat´s skateboard is featured in Search The Horizon, where Mark Suciu demonstrates all the benefits of using it. Be sure to watch it!


2009. The company is particular because its policy of running the board business, mainly because it never participates in full-length projects. Besides, the company has many official riders, even though it has no pros to its name. Furthermore, the company features many different shapes instead of the most popular popsicle shape.

Their boards are extremely popular because they present skateboarding what it really should be – fun and goofy, even though in reality this sport is much heavier and rawer. Their boards and other equipment like t-shirts and accessories feature the interesting and artistic attempts from their riders, which among other things makes them unique on the market.


After Omar Salazar had suffered an unfortunate knee injury, he decided to focus more on the company that produces skateboarding equipment. The company based just outside of Sacramento, California was founded in 2012. Complete ownership allows him the opportunity to create the brand he lives. Having the full control of the company, Salazar manages everything from press to print.

Besides Omar, the company also has a team of guys who are engaged in the process of making this heavy-duty gear. The company believes that in skating lifestyle, appearance means a lot. Therefore, they produce simple but artistic boards with their distinctive handshake logo. The equipment is affordable, but surely turns heads.


The company was established by Lev Tanju in 2010, and it is one of the most recognizable skateboard brands as well as high fashion designers. Palace is a self-aware company which is all about London and glamorous party-boy lifestyle. The gear was featured by many famous singers and celebrity icons including A$AP Rocky, Drake, and even Jay-Z. This is probably because of the fact that Palace’s design team includes major designers like Fergus Purcell of Marc Jacobs. Their skateboards are certainly as glamorous and colourful pieces, usually a bit more expensive than others concerning the names behind the brand.

Anti Hero

Anti Hero is the company founded in 1995 by Julien Stanger. In its relatively long history, this company made great success with both old-school and new skater types. Their logo is very popular and usually featured on their decks, t-shirts, and accessories. Anti Hero collaborated with Supreme and had Andy Roy as a model of the lookbook. Further, they released a full video called Destination Unknown, where they show their travels searching for anything to skate. The company´s team involves Southern ripper Grant Taylor, who represents the next generation of skaters who skate on different terrains not only park.


Even though the brand was dismissed for several years, the company regained their spot in the market through hard work and persistence. The company was founded by James Jebbia in 1994, and 20 years later made their spectacular comeback and reminded the world that this company will always be a skateboard company first. They are also known because of their quality, particular style, and authenticity. Over the past several years Supreme released great edits such as Sickness, Red Devil, Joyride, and Swoosh, all made in collaboration with cherry’s filmer William Strobeck.


This company founded by Pryce Holmes in 2013, is best known for their uniquely shaped boards. One of them was featured on Conan O'Brien´s show with Marisa Tomei. It was a skateboard in a shape of her body featuring a graphic of her in a swimsuit. This proved their unique style and gave them excellent advertisement.

Besides, the company offers a line of T-shirts, hoodies, and hats to match their Lamborghini shaped boards or Gucci bag boards.


This company has a unique start. Antoine Asselin and Phil Lavoie from Montreal first joined to make videos of their skate crew. Over the time they started filming full videos, finally engaging in the production of high-quality skating equipment. The company is also known because of their decision to have clean silhouettes and classic appearance of the deck. However, the company is more fashion-oriented with their recognizable focus on actual footages and videos.

Bianca Chandôn/Call Me 917

This company was founded by Alex Olson in 2014, and in its short history, it made a great impact on fashion, constantly crossing and blurring the lines between the skateboarding and high fashion. Besides, they left their footprint providing a look inspired Tom Bianchi’s Polaroid book Fire Island Pines. Their sister company Call Me 917, however, is more focused on the production of skateboards, which can be found in many skate shops around the world. The duality of the brand allows Alex Olson the possibility for exploring new fashion and production field. Their products are very simple but of high quality which makes them one of the most reliable companies.