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Skateboard Coaching

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The Need For Change
The UKSA have recognised the need to offer and improve access to a greater variety of sports to our youth. The UKSA endorses the introduction of skateboarding programs with the goal of improving attendance and helping get the young active in the UK; we intend on achieving this by providing information for courses delivering skateboarding during curriculum time as well as out of school hour’s lessons.

‘A record 55,000 children are skipping lessons on an average day…Schools Minister Jim Knight confessed: “We have got to make schools more attractive so pupils want to attend”’
(The Sun, December 2006)

‘Figures released this week have revealed that almost one third of all British schoolchildren now play little or no sport at all’
(Sport Magazine, January 2007)

‘Active children are less likely to be obese and more likely to pursue sporting activities as adults; thereby reducing the likelihood of coronary heart disease, diabetes and some forms of cancer’.
(Physical Education and School Sport Club Links Project, 2003)

Why Skateboarding?
Action sports such as skateboarding are aspirational and appeal to young people. The introduction of skateboarding provides an alternative option to the traditional sports offered at schools. Being a sport for the individual, with less of a focus on rules and competition, pupils are encouraged to progress at their own pace which is often appealing to those who are uninterested or put off by team sports.

According to ROSPA [Play Safety: Information Sheet: No.27] approximately a third of those injured in skateboarding have less than one week’s experience of the sport. With coaching through safety as well as basic techniques and skills, teaching skateboarding works to help avoid injury. We feel this is important in a country where new facilities are opened each week.

How Can The Skateboarding  Help?
We feel that with the introduction of skateboarding we can help offer expansion into a sport kids are actively seeking out in their own time.
Through learning skills such as the basics of balance, simple skateboard techniques and the importance of acknowledging the others skateboarding around you, this not only helps in self-confidence but also confidence in others. Each skater progresses at their own pace – and we encourage the diversity found within skateboarding. We feel the teaching methods should reflect this.

What’s the next step?
We realise the needs of every borough, school and club are varied. We are currently promoting two active UK programs – Action Sports In Schools and Radworx . These programs have set themselves up to be flexible with a goal of trying to meet the needs of all situations. If your school, council or local youth group are looking at ways to actively engage students in action sports please get in contact with our schools/coaching representative, Paul Silvester .
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions concerning anything you feel may relate to teaching skateboarding. If we can’t help you with the above programs then chances are we have come by a solution and are more than happy to point you in the right direction. We are very interested in any information you can provide us with on your needs so that we can make sure we really are geared towards catering for the needs of all.